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Because of a person no matter how hidden, camouflage, flow in the bone in the blood is the same, and the handwriting is so, the article is also so, in the book mountain barren sea in the submarine containing play, Hook Shen Jue, once the hair for the text, even if there are tens of millions of hidden modification, between the lines is always romantic personality, can not be suppressed Le.
Proust early years published some novels and comments, even with the world-famous "remembrance" a lot of difference between the text, whether from the tone or way of writing are different, but if carefully savor, his grasp of the subtle things from beginning to end In the article's bones. "Odor and taste will be in the pin after the long-term existence," they "can hardly identify the clues strong indomitable to hold up memories of the huge building." His style is like his smell, others do not imitate, he can not be removed, no matter what the content, lingering always "deja vu" feeling.
So, whether writers or ordinary people, once holding a pen to write the next word, the equivalent of their own thinking, a part of the personality show, and the historical torrent can annihilate the physiological existence, but can never change people's thinking, Then the text is the best carrier of thinking and the spirit of transmission, even if the manuscript is lost, a copy of the reprint, a person stay in the article in-depth essence will accumulate in the time under the enduring. Even if he deliberately teased the world, hidden self, sentence can be converted, the tone may be subversive, but the text buried in the personality and unique features always inadvertently revealed, it is worth pondering. Perhaps we can think that most of the masters are far away from us in time, if not these can demonstrate its strength of character of the classic, how can they make us no reason to admire? "Deja vu" is not just the expression, but including a person The height of the thought, the way of thinking and its unique "palm print".

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